Time:Every Friday 1:30 p.m.
Place:Room 213 in Integrated Research Bldg, basement lecture room003 or Online

Everyone is welcome to attend. All are welcome to come and listen.
Contact:Taro SHIMIZU shimizu.taro.74j○st.kyoto-u.ac.jp(○ -> @)

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2023年度前期(4月~7月) First Semester(April – September)

4月14日(金) Apr. 14 Fri.

  • 大手信人 Nobuhito OHTE
  • 小山里奈 Lina KOYAMA
  • 西澤秀明 Hideaki NISHIZAWA

4月21日(金) Apr. 21 Fri.

  • 土居秀幸 Hideyuki DOI
  • 久野真純 Masumi HISANO
  • 辻冴月 Satsuki TSUJI

4月28日(金) Apr. 28 Fri.

  • 阿部朱音 Akane ABE Attempt to clarify the status of Small-scale marine products handlers (Taoke)around the dugong conservation area of Ta libong Island in Thailand
  • 目戸綾乃 Ayano MEDO Study on feeding ecology of the genus Pangasianodon in a reservoir using stable isotope signature and fatty acid marker

5月12日(金) May. 12 Fri.

  • 大庭ゆりか Yurika Oba

5月19日(金) May. 19 Fri.

  • Nur Izzati Binti Abdullah Ecosystem services provided by bats in Peninsular Malaysia rice fields
  • Heungjin RYU

5月26日(金) May. 26 Fri.

  • 倭千晶 Chiaki YAMATO Estimating seagrass consumption by dugongs in the intertidal seagrass beds in Talibong island, Thailand
  • Siti Nur Azmina Syahirah Abid Kamal Ecological Roles of bats in Japanese Rural and Suburban Agricultural Landscapes

6月2日(金) Jun. 2 Fri.

  • 角間海七渡 Minato KAKUMA Transfer of radiocesium through food webs in forest and river ecosystems
  • 伊地知寛温 Tomoatsu IJICHI Research on the diversity of early dispersal of post-hatchling sea turtles
  • 脇嘉理 Hiromichi WAKI Study on distribution of caesium-rich micro-particles in the forest at Fukushima

6月9日(金) Jun. 9 Fri.

  • 深見理 Tadashi FUKAMI Indigenous Effects in Biological Communities: An Introduction to Research with Floral Microorganisms as a Prime Example
  • 野口直哉 Naoya NOGUCHI Automatic detection of green sea turtle migrating to seagrass bed using object detection model YOLOv7
  • 清水太朗 Taro SHIMIZU Grassland Mammal Habitat Assessment by Automatic Analysis of Video Images from Animal-Mounted Cameras

6月16日(金) Jun. 16 Fri.

  • 閏間花梨 Karin URUMA The impact of water pollution on Mangrove ecosystem in coastal areas adjacent to cities in north-west India
  • 野島雅也 Masaya NOJIMA Long-term changes in mangrove forest and salt field areas in regions where coastal development has been carried out in western India by remote sensing

6月23日(金) Jun. 23 Fri.

  • 石橋孝晃 Takaaki ISHIBASHI Relationship between thermal stratification structure and nitrogen amount fluctuation in Lake Biwa water
  • 永谷黎 Rei NAGAYA Identifying People’s ”Boredom” and ”Indifference” While Listening to a Robot’s Explanation in a Museum

6月30日(金) Jun. 30 Fri.

  • 西田晴 Hare NISHIDA Investigation of optimal release condition for hatchery-reared Verasper variegatus using ultrasonic biotelemetry
  • 兵頭笙太 Shota HYODO Development of a method for inducing senescent characteristics in cultured skeletal muscle cells
  • 佐山葉 Yo SAYAMA Study on distribution of caesium-rich micro-particles in arthropods at Fukushima

7月7日(金) Jul. 7 Fri.

  • 板谷佳美 Yoshimi ITAYA Relationship between feeding and behaviour of 0-year-old Pacific bluefin tuna using three-dimensional positional tracking
  • Fay Taylor Finding the Forgotten Frosted Myotis: Uncovering Ecology and Behaviour of an Endangered Bat in Ashiu Forest, Japan
  • 山本紘輝 Kouki YAMAMOTO Effect of human activities on terrestrial mammals behavior and species composition in Kyoto

7月14日(金) Jul. 14 Fri.

  • Jenkins Scott Howard Using Comparative Genomics to Investigate Bat Guilds: Gene Loss in Open Space Bats
  • 朱彊寧 Jiangning ZHU Evolution of terrestrial nitrogen cycle modeling
  • 森本昴 Subaru MORIMOTO Estimating impacts of the invasive freshwater fish on river ecosystems in Okayama Prefecture

7月21日(金) Jul. 21 Fri.

  • 板谷佳美 Yoshimi ITAYA Relationship between feeding and behaviour of 0-year-old Pacific bluefin tuna using three-dimensional positional tracking