Christian Vincenot's Homepage


Here you can view and run a few models that I have produced during this PhD. Please note that a browser with Java capabilities is required to run the models.

Multiscale metapopulation epidemic model (SD-IB)

This model simulates the spread of an epidemic inside of a metapopulation at two concurrent scales. Technically, it is based on a framework fusioning System Dynamics (SD) and Individual-Based Modeling (IBM). Outbreaks happening inside of populations are rendered by a compartmental model (SIR with true mass action assumption and vital dynamics) coded in System Dynamics (SD). This submodel is embedded inside of IBM agents linked together to represent the connectivity between populations. In this manner, the spread of the epidemics at the metapopulation scale can be simulated by migrations of infected elements between the IBM agents representing populations.
Note: The structure of the model follows the reference case 2b described in our theoretical framework.
Usage: Double-click on a blue cloud to launch an outbreak in a given site. To visualize the contagion's dynamics in a population, click on one of the yellow houses. To return to the main simulation screen, just press the little red "A" button in the toolbar. You can change the simulation speed using the "+" and "-" buttons around the speed factor (i.e. "x1") on the left part of the toolbar.

Spatially-explicit foraging model (SD-IB)

This model simulates the change in a forager's body mass when exploring an environment in which resource is spatially variable (i.e. prey abundance and prey body mass vary depending on location). The forager is equipped with a non-spatial memory representing its expectation in terms of energy gain and capture time. Metabolism is simulated by an SD submodel, whereas foraging decisions and commuting is performed in IBM/ABM.
Note: The structure of the model follows the reference case 2c described in our theoretical framework.
Usage: Just start the model! By clicking on the "Switch to internal view" button, you can observe the computation of the forager's decisions and body mass.

Spatially-explicit hybrid model of plant growth

This model is not yet published. Nevertheless, if you are interested in the topic of hybrid models of plant growth and interspecific plant competition, feel free to contact me to get more information.
Note: The structure of the model is a combination of reference cases 2a and 3a described in our theoretical framework.