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6th SEASTAR2000 workshop (13-15 December, 2005)
IFirst announcement

Proceedings of SEASTAR2000 is available.   click here

GPS-Argos Tracking
A Green turtle with GPS-Argos transmitter was released in Phang in Thailand. Migration path of the turtle is here.

Sea Turtle Migration Tracking   Ecotourism

● Migration Tracking in 2001
● Migration Tracking in 2002
● Data Table in 2002

  ●Preliminary Survey for ecotourism in Thailand
●Regional management model for ecotourism in Thailand
SEASTAR2000 Workshop   Sea turtle
11 December – The 4th SEASTAR2000 Workshop has attracted 70 participants from 10 countries for the first of three days of scientific presentations and discussion in Bangkok. Abstracts of the workshop are here. The workshop has been reported in IOSEA webpage. (link)

● Abstracts of 3rd SEASTAR2000 workshop
● Abstracts of 4th SEASTAR2000 workshop
● Presentations of 4th SEASTAR2000 workshop
  ●Measurement of reconstruction of three dimensional moving paths of turtles
●Survey report in Similan Islands
●Development on a GPS Argos
Mekong Giant Catfish  

● Mekong Giant Catfish Tracking Project


Similan Islands(2003年3月 PMBC K, Kongkiat)

Survey for ecotourism (Mar 2003)   Survey for ecotourism2(Nov 2002) Survey for ecotourism3(Ocy 2002)

Survey in Similan(Jun 2003)  Survey in Similan2  Survey in Similan3

Movie of Survey in Similan(2003年6月)




日本ウミガメ協議会  日本エコツーリズム協会 京都大学ウミガメ調査隊

Convention on Migratory Species 京大生物圏情報学講座 近畿大学漁場学研究室